Saturday, September 29, 2007

A simple solution to the problem of parallel universe(s) and super dimensions.

I am so tired of reading about "scientists" mathematically proving an existence of parallel universe or mathematically building models of extra dimensions.
So here we go. NO, NO, NO, NO.

There is no time, it is an illusion. No time = no time travel = no alternative time-lines = no extra dimensions = no parallel universes.


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andrew daw said...

You can't prove that there are extra dimensions of space by mathematical calculation. That's why string theory can't be proven. But why should the non-existence of time rule out the existence of extra spatial dimensions?

The way I see it is that in 3D space physics can only describe the push or pull forces as producing effects upon matter and energy. And hence, given only a world of three spatial dimensions, the quantum behaviour called quantum wave, spin and entanglement cannot be explained in terms of cause and effect.

Hence, also, the existence and persistence of matter in any form as atoms, molecules and living organisms can't be explained given only the action of the forces.

Whereas think of a cause that can act without varying over any distance without varying as a cause of quantum wave, spin and entanglement and you need to have a cause that cannot be described as surrounding objects in 3D space.

So you can consider that for matter to be and remain in any form as atoms, molecules and living organisms a cause needs to act universally in addition to the forces and from extra-dimensional space so as to maintain or conserve all these forms of matter.