Sunday, August 30, 2009

Silent Ringtone for the iPhone

It is unfortunate that the iPhone does not provide with the ability to block or silence some of the calls, coming from some particular phone number.
If you are anything like me, you have a desire to completely silence calls from certain people, who a crazy but are still useful to know. Just not at 2 am. And turning off your iPhone is not an option, as you'd rather be able to stay in contact with your aunt Griselle at any time of day or night, as her cookies are delicious. Delicious! So what do you do?
Simply download this small file SilentRingtone. If it does not open automatically, drag it into an open iTunes window, and it should take care of it from then on. The new ring tone should appear in the ring tone list inside the iTunes.
Assign the ringtone to any contact you'd rather not bother you using the edit function inside the Contacts app on your iPhone. When that crazy Mary calls you nothing will happen (though the iPhone's screen will light up showing the contact's name and it will vibrate if you are in the silent mode or have the vibration enabled at all the times) but no sound will be made.
Problem solved.