Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A method to better calibrate an LCD monitor with eye-one (i1)

I am happy to report I have discovered a method for a more accurate calibration for the LCD screen (monitors, displays), using Gretag Macbeth (now an X-rite company) i1-Match series of color management solutions.
I haven't written it up yet in a nice way, but the idea is that the reference file with 49 RGB patches, while good enough for CRT calibration and a calibration with the profile creation that uses a conversion matrix, the data acquired is not enough for the LUT table method that is preferable for LCD screens.
There is a way to hack i1-Match into using reference data that contains either 99 patches (Gretag Macbeth LCD ref file) or even more if you desire. All is needed is a couple of copy paste moves and a two file renames.
Will publish it later, stay tuned.

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