Monday, July 23, 2007

iPhone syncing with iSync

I was curious if I could sync my iPhone with iSync. Yes it is possible. There is a trick to it. One must have the status of iSync shown in the status bar and initiate the sync by clicking the status icon and choosing Sync Now. It will sync everything except for music and other iTunes stuff. Interestingly it will not show syncing notification on the iPhone screen.
I came to realize that iSync is used for non iTunes related syncing when, while playing around with the settings if the utility I changed the Protect your Data on your Computer setting from default of 5 percent to any. After that every time I would Sync in iTunes and any info at all has been changed in the contacts, an alert window would pop up asking for a permission to update the contacts on my Mac. Before it would only pop up if the change was 5% or more.

Opps I am late. Apperently it has been already discovered: Link


anna said...

I tried it. It didn't work (using ISync 1.5) Would appreciate some help!

rangitoto said...

I tried also and it worked well with Contacts!
(OS 10.4.11/iPhone 3G 2.2/iSync 2.4)

Donn Pattenden said...

Is this supposed to work with Bluetooth?