Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Follow Up: iPhone Syncing With iSync

Anna asked in the comments to my iPhone syncing with iSync post, how it actually works.
The software version of iSync on my PowerBook is 2.4 and I am running Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.11.
The procedure as follows:
  • Disable automatic iPhone Syncing in iTunes,
  • Start the iSync utility and go to the preferences.
  • Make sure that Enable syncing on this computer and Show status in menu bar boxes are checked.
  • Quit iSync utility.
  • In the menu bar click the iSync icon and chose Sync Now
  • Your connected iPhone will now sync, even though there will be no indication on the iPhone screen. The iSync icon in your menu bar will rotate. This will only synchronize non-iTunes items.
This will not work if you try to sync from the mane application window of the iSync utility.
Hope it helps.

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